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    STX Hydro inc. is located in Edinburg Texas, and services the entire Rio Grande Valley.

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    We have a great variety of films to choose from, please follow the arrow to continue on to our Film Gallery Pages.

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    Hydro Printed Objects can be seen all around us, “wood trims” in your car, “Carbon Fiber trims”, Camouflage Hunting Bows, gun stocks, even video game controllers!

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    We invite everyone to come and see our portfolio of past jobs. Nothing short of the best quality!

What is Hydro Printing?

Hydro printing, or 3d Printing is a technique which is used often in today’s industrial market. The process consists of a primered object, a design film, chemical activator, and creativity. Hydro Printing allows for the film to wrap around the desired object changing the look of the object completely. ..

Items We Commonly See

We often see Ice Chest Coolers, Glasses Frames, Automotive Trims, Computer Bezels, Phone Cases, Football Helmets, Hard Hats, even Tire Rims! We look forward to hearing from you and your unique products.

About Us

We take great pride in being the Largest Hydro Printing Company in South Texas. We take great pride in the work we output and welcome new customers to our shop. We are highly trained and TWN certified.
  • Who we are

    STX Hydro inc. is located in Edinburg Tx, and the leader for quality hydro dipped items in the Rio Grande Valley. We currently service the general public and businesses...
  • What we do

    STX Hydro Specializes in Hydro Printing, also known as water transfer printing, or 3d printing. Hydro Printing is the most efficient way to transform otherwise ordinary products, into jaw dropping custom pieces of artwork. ...
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    STX Hydro inc. Offers the best pricing in South Texas, as well as the best quality work. For a full listing of prices Click Here. Business opportunities are available, for more information please contact us directly....
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    Our Shop is located on 4521 S Business 281 Edinburg, Texas 78539, Just north of Alberta rd. and 281. If you have any questions please feel free to fill out your information on our contact us page and we will contact you as soon as possible. ...