Who we are

STX Hydro inc.

STX Hydro inc. is currently located in Edinburg Tx, and the leader for quality hydro dipped items in the Rio Grande Valley. We currently service the general public and businesses: We recently opened our doors to the public and keep getting attention from enthusiasts of all ages.

Our customer demographics consist of Hunters of all ages, to Car Club members of all Makes, Outdoor Enthusiasts & Entrepreneurs to just name a few groups of loyal customers.

What we do

Professional Work

Hydro printing, or 3D Printing is a technique which is used often in today’s industrial market. The process consists of an object pre-coated with a primer paint, a design film, chemical activator, and creativity. Hydro Printing allows for the film to wrap around the desired object changing the look of the object completely.

Hydro Printed Objects can be seen all around us, “wood trims” in your car, “Carbon Fiber trims”, Camouflage Hunting Bows, gun stocks, glasses, even video game controllers!

It is without a doubt that hydro dipping is a very convenient way of transforming otherwise common looking objects, to eye-catching pieces of art.


TWN Certified Shop

STX Hydro inc. is TWN certified, and we offer the best prices in the market. It is a fact that TWN certified shops offer the best results when it comes to Water Transfer Printing. We have a state of the art facility and with the state of the art equipment, you know you are in good hands. Come see for yourselves how being TWN certified separated the good shops from the GREAT shops!


  • Great Communication

    Our communication skills are unrivaled when it comes to bringing your ideas to life. We are proud to serve the Lower Rio Grande Area and welcome customers from all over the country to come and experience how the right communication does make the difference in having a good experience, and an unbelievable experience.

  • You are in good hands

    We not only offer the best prices in the Rio Grande Valley, but we also take our time, and treat each and every project with the the utmost respect. We understand that you would not let just anyone work on your prized possessions. Feel at home, you are in the good hands of the experts at STX Hydro inc.

  • Best deals in town!

    We are proud to offer the citizens of the cities of McAllen, Edinburg, Harlingen and all of the Rio Grande Valley the best deals in Town! .