Hydro printing, or 3d Printing is a technique which is used often in today’s industrial market. The process consists of an object pre-coated with a primer paint, a design film, chemical activator, and creativity. Hydro Printing allows for the film to wrap around the desired object changing the look of the object completely.

Hydro Printed Objects can be seen all around us, “wood trims” in your car, “Carbon Fiber trims”, Camouflage Hunting Bows, gun stocks, glasses, even video game controllers!

It is without a doubt that hydro printing is a very convenient way of transforming otherwise common looking objects, to eye-catching pieces of art. Here at STX Hydro inc. we service the lower Rio Grande Valley area: With customers from Mission, McAllen, Edinburg, Harlingen and from all over the nation, it is no surprise that we have had the pleasure of working on many Hydro Printing Projects for a vast number of customers. From gun stocks to fender flares, Ice Chests to valve covers, we have seen them all! Call us today for your custom quote!

To the right of the page, you are able to view a quick video created to demonstrate the Hydro Printing Process.

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